Team Noir



Founder and Creative Director of PN, Layne, is a freelance producer and has worked in TV and advertising for the past 6 years casting and developing some of your favourite TV shows and (guilty pleasures!) Layne is also a writer and vintage film enthusiast with an unnerving obsession with cheese, soya chai lattes and hazelnut chocolate. Her spirit animal is a hummingbird, she loves pastel colours and anything Gilmore Girls, Clueless/90’s related. You will often find her fighting for diversity wearing some kind of faux fur or bright print. “May I please remind you that it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty”



The fashionista of the team (with a strong aversion to the word fashionista) Priye is an all round creative, having worked in both TV and film she has a conscious eye for style and is breaking into the world of costume design where she has worked with greats such as Sandy Powell. Priye is also an avid baker and pancake connoisseur who will sprinkle cinnamon on anything given half a chance! If you want to coax her into some kind of fashion/baked goods transaction, promise to pay in plantain! Her spirit animal is the majestic elephant, she loves musicals and can often be found quoting  Gilmore Girls references under the heavy influence of doses and doses of musicals such as Hairspray.



Queen Bi, as we call her, is ruler of all things visual, her magic can be seen from the PN artwork on the posters to all of the colourful  promo content. Not only is Bimpe Team Noir, she also holds down a full-time position at the illustrious ILM VFX and Animation studio, where she is privy to all sorts of Avengers-Star Warsy secret-ness (that she swears blind she’d have take us out rather than give away anything!) Bi’ claims that her spirit animal is the eight legged spider (no amount of begging would make her change her mind) not only is Bimpe an artistic genius she has also ran some of the biggest social media campaigns for Sony Music, is there no end to what this babe can do? You can often find Bi’ in a serene state of meditation after an insane binge on anything related to Viola Davies (Queen) or some kind of TV soap drama...we still love you Bi’

We’re also on the look-out for volunteers!
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